[NEWS] You Are My Pet News

Here’s a news for the movie You’re my Pet.
Original article: Click HERE
Reposted from: shiro401@soompi & Lovesears blog

Google’s translation:

Yayoi Ogawa’s manga “Pet Lovers” South Korea has decided to remake the film, and is scheduled for release this winter, as to whether simultaneous release in Japan is still not decided.

It is reported that starred in the play momo’s will is 22 years old, the young Korean artist Zhang Genxi, the star of the TV series “is a male beauty ah” are also being hit in Japan. The author Yayoi Ogawa praised its “full compliance with MOMO’s image.” Report on the future renewal of the film will “kiss” and the official website of this succession.

Original comic book, “Pet Lover” tells the unhappy love of rock in the valley at the gates to see a boy and he kept as pets and began living together two incredible life. From 2000 to 2005 in the “KISS” in the serial and 14 volumes on sale booklet. In 2003 starred in by the snow and Matsumoto record live television and ratings climax.


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