[CRI-J NOTICE] Notice # 59


This is Cri J staff.

This is a notice to to inform you about the fund raising for charity.
We have checked all the replied and emails from you eels,
and discussed among us and agreed on the following.

1. We are going to make a donation and give blood to Hanyang Univ. Hospital.
2. Donation will be raide till 4:00 pm August 3rd(the day before Mr. Jangs birthday).
3. Account Info.
bank name: KOOKMIN BANK
bank address: 9th FL. Sewoo Bldg. 10, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
account number: 612901-04-162371
account name: Park Jung Eun
telephone number: 010-8622-7629 010-8622-7629

We hope many of you participate in this event to make the world a better place,
as Mr. Jang does for us.

Thank you.

Original resource : Cri-J official FC


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