[NEWS] “I have been mistaken for a female with my backview”

Jang GeunSeok, “I have been mistaken for a female with my backview”

Actor Jang GeunSeok reveals an incident where he was mistaken as a female due to his backview.

On KBS 2TV Star Entertainment Weekly aired on 19th June, Jang GeunSeok was featured at his fansigning event. The reporter asked, “How do you feel about comments saying that you are pretty?”.

Jang GeunSeok answered, “I feel amazed. Don’t you think that it is not easy for guys to get comments like that? And recently when I hear comments like these, I thought to myself that hair is very important.” Jang GeunSeok was seen with love and wavy hairstyle recently.

He added, “I have encountered many incidents when men had thought that I was a female and turned around to look at me, but when they saw that I’m a guy, they would go ‘*heok’,” revealing that he has been mistaken for a female.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Jang GeunSeok’s ideal woman SooAe has chosen that she likes Kim TaeWon. Jang GeunSeok commented, “SooAe ssi’s taste is very unique. Actually I like Han YeSeul,” causing laughter with his comment.

Source: MTStarNews
Credit: K bites & lovesears blog


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