[FAN ACC] HK FM Fan Account III

Big thanks for Shiro401 for sharing this (^-^)
Thanks dear (^-^)


The fan meeting, although similar to the other Asia Tour, is still very exciting. When we came to our seat, the screen was playing some video clips: the making of Black Engine ads, Toucholic, annd Doremi MV. Our seats were great: on the 2nd row. The people on our sides, front and back were all Korean eels (which is nice, because Sukkie often looked our way… *grins*)

Since it’s similar to singapore, I’m not gonna say much about it. Just things I remember.

He’s really very close to the Korean eels. When the MC was talking, the eels in front of us (I think they’re from Keungall) called out to him. He pointed at each one of them and jokingly made a “you’re-out” gesture. The eels laughed and saluted him, which he replied with a killer smile at them… *and how lucky we were to be right behind them, so we could see it clearly… but it also made the pic I took blur… hahaha…*

And then in the Q&A section, the MC was asking him about going to Lan Kwai Fong. He tried to say it with straight face (but the playful twinkle in his eyes betrayed him… ah, so cuteeee… ) that he planned to go tonight but they arranged his schedule to tight so he would just stay in his room tonight… hahaha… the grin on his face said he knew the eels wouldn’t believe him, and he knew they knew he was kidding. The bond of the jangers and the jangermaster… *grins*

The HK fans made a surprise for him. Just before he sang goodbye, they asked him to turn around to the screen. On it they played the video they made, about how Sukkie would be as a husband. Since it was in Cantonese, I could only guess what they’re trying to say… On it, there are pics of Sukkie and Hongki. I think they’re comparing him? Then one of the fans wore a Homer Simpson mask and pretended to be hongki… hahaha… and in one of the scene there’s a mommy, and her son. And the son shouted “Appa” to him… hahaha… he was laughing so hard during the whole wonderful video. Afterwards he was asked to turn toward the audience, and we all waved the red roses in the air. Must be a sight to see. I was impressed when I looked back; he would be even more so seeing it from the stage. Afterwards, the HK eels presented him with a rose bouquet (he leaned forward to take it from their hands himself, although the staff had already reached out for the bouquet to give to him), a scrapbook and a Tiffany box. He opened the box, found a ring inside and put it in his little finger. It stayed there the whole night! *Ahhh, I just love how he appreciates the fans… <3*>

credit : Shiro401@soompi & lovesears blog


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