[FAN ACC] HK FM Fan Account I

Big thanks for Shiro401 for sharing this (^-^)
Thanks dear (^-^)


Anyway, we’re in Hong Kong!! Arrived around 2 30 pm this afternoon and found out that Sukkie was in press conference already since 1 30 pm. So we went out to eat lunch at around 3. Bought the usual supplies of water and bread for breakfast tomorrow before heading back to the hotel. And found so many fans were waiting for him (there was none when we arrived at the hotel). So we joined in and waited around too. Saw the cars outside, so we knew he was in the hotel already.

Suddenly the cars pulled out, and the fans started running after them. Some ran into the mall connected to the hotel and ran downstairs to the MTR station. We followed them (and threw away our bottled water because they hindered us… ), and found out they were heading to the loading dock. The cars were there along with 7 vans-full of fans. Waited for 10 minutes before Sukkie made an appearance… He wore black sleeveless shirt, with his hair in palm-style and he wore sunglasses. (I managed to peek at the pics the girl beside me was reviewing… She got such good shots of him wearing white sleeveless shirt with khaki colored pants and hair down before he went to the press conference.) After the car pulled out, he kissed the window, and laughingly wiped the kiss mark on it. *I have the video of him smiling… but not when he was kissing the window because I was busy yelling OMG OMG he’s kissing the window… *

Then we went shopping… we were buying another bottle of water when we heard the song Promise. A girl beside us picked up her call and talked in cantonese (caught a few words meaning ok, ok, almost done…) so we followed her… She went back to the loading dock, where the vans once again were stationed. So we hurry and came back to the hotel, and saw some fans were waiting. Not long after, his parents arrived and got into the elevator, but Sukkie was nowhere to be seen. I guess he must have entered the hotel from somewhere else. This hotel has so many entrance and exit, so it would be very hard to catch a sight of him, unless he wants to be seen. *but at least that means more privacy for him… *

My dinner is here… so until tomorrow..
Bye cri~

credit : Shiro401@soompi & lovesears blog


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