[CRI-J NOTICE] Notice # 94

Notice # 94


This is Tree J Company.
Some of you who applied for Seoul FM DVD still have not paid.
This is the last notice for payment.

Please pay before June 10th. If not paid, your name will be removed from the list.

And those of you paying from overseas, please send your receipt to the following email. This is to check your payment since there can be a delay for transaction from foreign banks.

Please take notice of the following is the account and date information.

Thank you.

Account: 045501-04-038580(국민은행 : 예금주 전승호(P&I company)
From overseas : *Jun SeungHo
* bank address : kookmin bank junggok dong branch seoul korea
* bank swift : CZNBKRSE
* bank account number : 045501-04-038580
Date : Till June 9th(till 10:00 pm)
Amount : \50,000
E-MAIL : sindylee9@naver.com
The shipment fee(20,000 won) and transaction fee must be paid by the payer.


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