[CRI-J NOTICE] Notice # 48

Title: Movie Support

This is Cri J staff.

We are notifying you with the progress of the supporting event of JKSs upcoming movie “You’re my pet.”

As you know by prior notice, the event is prepared by many fan communities.
These include “Jangkeunsuk Mania”, “Adults Supporting Jangkeunsuk”, “Peridot”,
“Jangkeunsuk.net” from Korea, and “Chunsangchunha Youaredokjone”, and “Keunsukholic + other International eels” from overseas.

This supporting event is participated by all eels regardless of nationality and can be part of it as an individual or as a group.

★ Things we are going to support ★

1. For pre-filming gosa (a ritual in which food is offered to the spirits in order to avoid misfortune and bring good luck ): We will be support rice cake and drinks

2. For first shooting: we will support
– Meal bus: buffet lunch (includes fruit desserts)
– Presents for filming staff: windbreaker jackets or t-shirts, canopy tents, and directors chair
– Snacks for staff: ginseng products (drinks and 2~3 kinds of snacks) & cookies
– Lunchbox and presents for JKS

There can be changes to the items for the first shooting supporting event.
If so, we will let you know.

The amount raised for filming supporting event is 8,068,161 won as of June 1st.
You can refer to the attached file to see the details.
Thank you so much for your support.

We appreciate your continuous support and attention.

Thank you.
Original source : Cri – J FC
Re-up : lovesears blog


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