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And here is the translation by Muse @ jks.net

She’s not finished yet, since it’s quite a long interview. So keep a look out for part 2… biggrin.gif

Q : Due to Asian Tour, ‘You are my pet’ movie and so on, you are leading a busy life, how are you getting along?

JKS : Ah.. recently I am preparing a new work.. The movie ‘You are my pet’ will be started shooting soon. so.. my role is a dancer, now I keep practicing modern dance nowadays. And for making dancer’s shape, doing some exercise and diet.. I was spending so much painful days…
But today.. during shooting Yepp CF.. without any restriction, I could hear a lot of music and sang a song also.. I enjoyed it very much.

Q : What are you doing in your spare moment?

JKS : Ah.. almostly.. listen to music and see a movie a lot usually.. you know what, some portable video device or through Yepp, you can save various movie and music in it, yah, the device which can satisfy my culturing life enough is definitely Yepp!

Q : Usually what is your favorite music?

JKS : I got close to classical music after shooting the drama ‘Beethoven Virus’.
So, nowadays I’m trying to listen classical music more, and I don’t know it well but turn on the radio of classic channel a lot.
Maybe that point has the deepest relationship with Yepp.
In my thought, Yepp generates the best quality out of existing MP3s,
therefore the very old classical music can be played and you can enjoy it vividly and rhythmicaly more and more.

Q : What is your favorite movie?

JKS : Ah.. I don’t care about the genre of favorite movie, too. I don’t wanna be a fixed characterized actor, but wanna be a limitless character performing all the genre and , that’s why I wanna watch various movies..
Love Actions, Comedy, Thriller, whatever, I like them all..

Because of this, my Yepp is full with movies all the time. Of course all of them are legal-one. Because its’ capacity is enough to save and without any special encoding, I can put MP3s directly, in these days, during my Asian tour, that is the most convenient thing to me..
That doesn’t take a long time, downloading and saving MP3s at the same time, in the airplane, in my car.. I can enjoy movie and music… that is my hobby recently..
Everybody, if you are with Yepp, you can be closer to the movie~


Part 2:
translated by Muse @ jks.net

Q : This time you are shooting YeppMV with HyoRin. Which song and Which music video gonna be shooted?

JKS : As expected, this time .. uh.. gave me the song related with Yepp, too. But I haven’t sung this kind of music before. Now I have to rap, so was a really kind of nervous..
In some ways, it was my first time of that kind of music, and HyoRin of Sistar was the first time of shooting.. That stimulated us to start shooting with our heart fluttering.
However that heart fluttering could be a bond, so that I wanna have more chance to see each other in future.. And.. Before HyoRin I was lonely, but now I could give wormer emotion with Yepp with her.

Q : You just met Sistar today , recorded a song and took a MV, then how do you assess the Group Sistar?

JKS : When I met the Sistar friends for the first time, I thought their colors are so much different. Usually when I saw some friends before debut, they are talking a lot each other to find their colors, and then after debut, gotta find their own colors gradually..
Uhh… These friends already had their own vivid colors before debut, and because they have those personalities, while chatting with other members, It was so much fun… And because of their cool character, we could become intimate soon. I’m preparing to cheer them up always. ㅎㅎㅎ

Q : In all honesty, out of 4 Sistar members, with whom did you wanna film?

JKS : Ahh.. Well.. that’s.. uhh.. very hard one..
Yes.. all members are so beautiful, gorgeous and cute.. and for me, all of them are like younger sisters. Therefore, they are just cute juniors rather than women? ‘Cause I think them just like younger sisters next door, shooting with 4 of them was most interesting.
Without any special script, just making scripts with ad-libs…
with this kind of thing, I enjoyed shooting very much.

Q: What was the most difficult part of the song and MV?

JKS : Maybe… Because the whole composition was formed with daily scenes, the shooting schedule was so much littlebit tight.. So.. We’d shoot from 5am to 7:30pm~8pm before sunset, with so much conti(continuities) and simple compostion, but a lot of shooting scenes to be shot, so staffs pushed ahead with shooting without having lunch time… Anyway I did my best..
I believe that our director will make it wonderful. As he did always…

Q: Revealed by Drama OST, your singing ability is so splendid, but how do you assess your singing ability?

JKS : Well… I… I never thought that I sang well.. Just I just wanna enjoy music itself.. I’m not doing it for receiving a favorable evaluation from the public or for showing some sophisticated music..
My own self loves music so much, and wanna choose various methods to enjoy with many people, meanwhile, I was so much happy to sing my song together with Samsung Yepp..
To Assess my singing ability simply.. hahahaha

Q : Finally, what would you like to say to your fans?

JKS : Ah… This is the song and the CF featured in a very long time, probably many of you were curious about them.
This time, with so much cool friends ‘Sistar’, here comes so beautiful image. Also I am expecting it, please look forward to seeing it..
It would be great to play together again at the ShowCase. Until then, BbyeCri~~


CREDITS to shiro401, for reposting @ soompi


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  1. kate bautista
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 09:41:47

    do you have a girlfriend?? my bestfriend really likes you..


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