[CRI-J] Fanclub Notice #42, #40 & #38

This is in relation to notice #38 and #40

Notice # 42
This is Cri J Staff.
As announced, Cri J staff(4 of us, actually) and representatives of online communities supporting JKS met yesterday.

Representatives who participated were:
3 from jangkeunsuk gallery,
1 from jangkeunsuk.net
2 from jangkeunsukmania
2 from Adults who love JKS,
1 from jangkeunsuk-Ae
2 from peridot
2 for global fans

We had a long discussion about how to make jangkeunsuk.co.kr a better place for all fans.

First of all, we all agreed on making a unique and mature fanclub to encompass all fans and to unite under the name of Cri J. For example, when there is an event from Cri J, it would be nice to if different fan communities could participate together as Cri J.

It was also pointed out that support and care for overseas fans should be increased.
(We will post fanclub notice with at least English translation. However, writing by JKS is too personal to post by the name of Cri J. And, the request for paypal and credit card payment was forwarded to Tree J.)

A lot of representatives wanted to communicate more with Cri-J staff.
(We will think of ways to do this.)

They also wanted that when there is an offline event with JKS, Cri-J staff should be present.
(Yes, we will be from now on!)

These were only some of the important points of discussion went on yesterday.
We finished the meeting by promising each other to support each other and to unite altogether.

We thank all the representatives for coming so far on a busy weekend day.
We were truly glad to meet all of you and will certainly will meet again.

Thank you.

Notice # 38

Hello? This is Cri J Staff.

We are holding a meeting for representatives of different online communities supporting JKS. It will be held 2:00 pm on May 8th, at some place in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.
The specific place will be chosen depending on number of participants.

The representatives who can make it to the meeting, please make a secret reply to this post.
Your reply should include: name of community, number of members, date of opening, url of community, representative, phone number. We will contact you individually with the place information.

We hope many of you can come, talk about JKS, and give advice to us and just have fun.

Thank you.

Notice # 40


This is Cri-J staff.

With the upcoming meeting of online community representatives,
we are opening an email account to communicate with all eels.
The email address is: crijevent@naver.com

If your question is short and simple, please ask on Q & A board as before,
this email is for your opinion for the fanclub and special requests.
The email will be checked regularly at least once a week.
Additionally, we are going to support JKS with his upcoming movie shooting “Youre My Pet”.
We appreciate your attention and support to encourage and motivate JKS yet again.

Thank you.


Original source : CRIJ FC

Repost by : lovesears blog


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