Fan account; SINGAPORE FM

Ally’s fan account– Part 1

At about 5.50 p.m. the queue started moving into the Rock Auditorium.

The auditorium looks a bit like the one in you’re Beautiful, when Ko Mi-nam planned to reveal herself as a girl, but is saved by Kang Shin Woo and (a bit belatedly) Hwang Tae-kyung. But instead of 2 blocks of seats, there were 3 blocks of seats and 2 aisles. There was a stage up front, and three large white screens onstage. These were projector screens which would project Jang Keun Suk’s performance for the benefit of the fans in the seats further behind.

Around 6.20 p.m., the lights dimmed and everyone started shrieking.

A slideshow began on the 3 big white screens:






Then the screens went blank again… and nothing happened for about five minutes. Then they showed the same slide show. Then the screens went blank again.

Then another slide show appeared – and this time all the words were in Mandarin. Loosely translated to the best of my memory, roughly this is what it said:


“1. PLEASE DO NOT RECORD ANYTHING OR TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. EELS SHOULD LOOK ONLY AT ZHANG XIAO-SHUAI” [“SHUAI” means totally gorgeous, handsome and cool. “XIAO-SHUAI” is an affectionate nickname the Taiwanese and Chinese have for him, like saying “Cute-chan!”]


I forgot the 3rd rule… or maybe the 2nd rule… sorry, my memory’s not very good and maybe I got the rules a bit wrong… but essentially I got the spirit, lah. If anyone can remember please correct me, thank you and sorry.

Anyway, they kept playing this slideshow about 2 more times. They just recycled the Beijing slideshow… but this is Singapore… and not all of us understand Mandarin… quite insensitive >_<

Then the lights FINALLY went out in the auditorium, so the show could really begin. This skinny guy popped up on stage and announced: “Hi!!!” He was DJ Ken from FM 100.3 [he introduced himself later].

“Are you ready?” Shrieks, screams, squeals of joy from the fans.

DJ Ken: “Not loud enough… ARE YOU READY?!”

LOUDER shrieks from the fans.

DJ Ken: “That’s all, ah… must see my script, it says here the emcee gets to decide who will go home with him later… ARE YOU READY?!”

Long, loud, ear-splitting shrieks, screams – and someone brought a very loud whistle.

DJ Ken: “Is he hot?”

Fans: “Yes!”

DJ KEN: “Is he hot?”

Fans: “YES!!!”

DJ KEN: “Am I hot?”

Fans: “Yes.”

DJ Ken: “Wah, can also lie… haha. Afterwards, when he’s here, if he’s inside you, I mean outside… haha, my English not very good.. ” Then he spoke in Mandarin: “Usually I speak Mandarin, can I speak in Mandarin?”

Fans: “Yes!”

DJ Ken (in Mandarin): “Okay! I can speak in Mandarin!”

Someone in the audience must have protested and I agree, because there are people from different countries and not everyone understands Mandarin. Besides, Singapore is multi-racial and there were fans from different races in the audience! I’m Chinese, but hey, we have people who don’t understand Mandarin so it’s not fair to them!

DJ Ken: “Who says I cannot speak in Mandarin?”

Some hands in the audience (including mine) shot up.

DJ Ken: “Okay…”

He then went on to say other things, but I forgot what. At some point in time –

DJ Ken: “Okay, who’s from Indonesia?”

Some faint screams and shrieks from scattered pockets.


The Thai fans screamed even more loudly than the Indonesian fans – looks like there were more Thai fans!


The screams and shrieks this time came from the front seats – the priority seats. After all, at least 20 fans from Korea were there!!! They really yelled and cheered very loudly!!

DJ Ken: “Waa, the Korean fans’ voices… okay, Singapore!”

Screams rocked the auditorium.

After that, DJ Ken played a little with the crowd, but some fans from China pointed out that he’d forgotten their country, so:
DJ Ken: “Okay, fans from China!”

Screams from a few fans.

DJ Ken: “Any other country… er, Taiwan?”

Cheers from a few fans in the crowd.

“…Hong Kong?”

Some more cheers.


Some people laughed, and some people cheered.

“… Germany?”

More cheers from the fans.


Now everyone was cheering.

“So we have a United Nations here! Haha! Okay, who are you here for today?”


“He could be here… look next to you… don’t be surprised if he’s next to you…”

At some point in time, I can’t remember exactly when, but a funny video was played on the projector screens. It was a video of Sukkie at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, a bunch of fans behind him (were these the Korean Cri-J fans who later came to Singapore for this fan meeting?). It showed Sukkie arriving at Incheon Airport, then going through Incheon Airport. Then after that, it showed a cartoon map of Asia. There was a little aeroplane with Sukkie’s big head on it and the little aeroplane “travelled” across the map from South Korea to Singapore! Then the video showed Sukkie at Singapore’s Changi Airport! He was waving to fans, very close to fans and smiling at them at the airport, regardless of the security officers.

Cue music. Cue strobe lights. Cue spotlights going all over the auditorium.

Cue slideshow on the projector screens:







Fans were on their feet, clapping, screaming and turning their heads like crazy, trying to following the different spotlights that went in totally different directions!

Then there were shrieks.

From the left side of the auditorium, from one exit, out came someone dressed in a rabbit suit!!! (Like Bugs Bunny, grey ears and all!) Then more shrieks as someone else came out from a door at the back of the auditorium – someone dressed like a duck! Then even more shrieks as a THIRD person appeared, dressed in something like a bear/indescribable animal costume. Which one was Sukkie?!

Ally’s Fan Account — part 2

The Duck, the Bugs-Bunny-like person, the bear/indescribable animal person, all carried baskets of candy. Since they were walking at the front of the stage, they threw the candy to the people in the priority seats. [For sharp-eyed people, the camera consistently focused on the person in the Bugs Bunny-like suit, so it was easy to guess…]

Then they all went up on stage. Bear/indescribable animal took off his head. Not Sukkie. Bugs Bunny turned to the Duck. Duck just stood there. Bugs Bunny whacked Duck on the beak. All the fans giggled. Duck meekly took off his head – okay, not Sukkie. Therefore—

Bugs Bunny-guy is Sukkie!!!!

Fans were screaming already. Bugs Bunny-guy pretended to take off the head – but only partway, just so you could see the smile and the chin!!! Then he put it back on again!!!!! It was Sukkie – he has such a distinctive smile and chin!!! And so characteristically mischievous of him!

Finally he took the head off and revealed his face – screaming and shrieking hit a crescendo. Sukkie was laughing, his grin stretched to its widest and his eyes sparkling with mirth. He waved to the fans, who screamed and cheered.

Sukkie had to be helped out of his suit and he wore a black top with rolled up sleeves (I remember one side looked sleeveless but the other side had a sleeve). He looked all sweaty and really hot. Hot as in he was perspiring and strands of his hair clung to his face. His first hairstyle was the one where it’s parted on the left, and he has to keep pushing back the hair on his right so that it won’t keep falling into his face. He has the rest of his hair tied up in a little knot at the back of his head.

Anyway, Sukkie didn’t speak at first. He just grinned and waved. Then he went to this little table that had been set up on stage. It had about 3 large grey trays on it and some electronic equipment which was made of metal, strangely-shaped and had wires sticking out of it all over.

Then Sukkie dipped his hands into the 3 large grey trays one by one – guess what? He started taking out his bracelets, his rings, and putting them on his fingers and wrists!!! That means he had to take them off when he was in the Bugs Bunny-like costume!

Then he put on his portable microphone – the one where you have a little box clipped to the back of your pants and the hands-free mini-microphone that’s attached to your shirt in front.

Sukkie waved to the (still) screaming fans: “HI, SINGAPORE!!! IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!”

Then suddenly music began to play as he bent over the electronic equipment – so he was spinning music for fans, like a disc jockey (DJ)! He spun several different beats and rhythms together – it was like being in a club, only without the dancing. The music, the beats, the rhythms, the lights – it would have been great if all the fans could have danced to it! (Not just wiggled a bit to the beat…)

Sukkie spun the music for about 6 minutes, I think. Then he stopped. The flashing disco lights disappeared; the stage lights went on. All the fans sat down. There were 3 people on stage, perched on seats – DJ Ken, Sukkie and a female interpreter.

Handshake between Sukkie and Ken.

DJ Ken: “Hi! Welcome to Singapore!”

Sukkie smiles, waves: “Hi, Singapore…”

DJ Ken: “Many fans here…”

Sukkie: “Amazing!”

DJ Ken: “So this is your first time in Singapore?”

Sukkie: “Yes. At the airport… fans were there…to welcome… wow…”

DJ Ken: “So you didn’t know you were popular?”

Sukkie: “No…”

DJ Ken: “You DIDN’T know you were POPULAR?” [No need to shout, DJ Ken…]

Sukkie: “…no, because… first time this year… in Asia…Taiwan, Beijing… how does so many people know, about me…”

DJ Ken (to fans): “You all watch the You’re Beautiful show right?”

Fans: “Yes!”

DJ Ken (wagging a finger): “You all download!!! But must go and watch You’re Beautiful showing on Starhub starting May 19!”

Fans: “Yes!”

DJ Ken: “Internet.”

Sukkie: “Oh, Internet!”

DJ Ken: “People know from the Internet!”

Sukkie: “Oh!”

DJ Ken: “So, A.N. JELL, are you close to the members?”

Sukkie: “Yes, we’re friendly. Ah, Yong Hwa –“

Fans in the audience screamed and squealed.

Sukkie: “He’s busy, in Korea, with music. And Hong-gi –“

More screams in the audience.

Sukkie: “He’s in Japan. Hong-gi, he likes me. He always calls me ‘Hyung, hyung’ and asks me to give him alcohol. So I bring him alcohol. Alcohol.”

[I think for Sukkie, it’s a guy thing to enjoy alcohol. Like clubbing. He’s young and lives life to the fullest, so alcohol and clubbing are 2 very cool, very guy things to enjoy in Korea, maybe?]

DJ Ken: “Oooooooh. Any more dark secrets?”

Sukkie: “Oh. Oh. A.N. JELL, Hong-gi is no-good dancing. So we have to change places, like, the band.”

DJ Ken: “Hong-gi is no good at dancing!”

Sukkie: “Yes. He’s not good dancing.”

DJ Ken: “You’re better than him?”

Sukkie: “Of course!” Sukkie proceeds to wiggle his body – while seated – in a few hot dance moves.

DJ Ken: “So what did you do after this show?”

Sukkie: “Well, I stay home, read book…”

DJ Ken: “You like to swim?” To fans: “When he came here, Thursday, he went to his hotel midnight until 3, he swam in the hotel pool!” To Sukkie: “You like swimming?”

Sukkie: “Yes. Swimming… I like…”

DJ Ken: “Ah, you have muscles on the arm!” [I think he meant that swimming gave Sukkie nice biceps…]

Sukkie laughs a little, and makes a muscle.

DJ Ken: “I know you’ve prepared a lot for this fan meeting to show fans.”

Sukkie: “Yes, I want to show fans everything about me. EVERYTHING!”

Fans cheered and screamed.

So it was time for Sukkie to go backstage to change. Before he left the stage, he blew a kiss to the fans: “I’ll be back!”

When Sukkie next came out on stage, he had done his hair differently, in the hairstyle that Ko Mi-nam likes on Hwang Tae-kyung. Fans, needless to say, were absolutely delighted.

Sukkie sang his song from Beethoven Virus. His voice, as always, was beautiful, rich and deep in tone (though it was a bit drowned out at points by the accompanying music). Fans who knew the words sang along – you could hear the faint echoes of their voices in the audience.

DJ Ken: “So you said you’re going to show us EVERYTHING.”

Sukkie: “Yes.”

DJ Ken: “EVERYTHING? Take off your shirt?”

Sukkie, catching on: “Uh.” Sukkie looks down his shirt. “Oh no, no, no. Not my body. Just… me. Everything about me.”

DJ Ken said something about Sukkie from the time since he was a child and told the fans they were going to see things from Sukkie’s childhood.

Cue slideshow!!!

Found this very detailed fan account from Ally_Li ; soompi. Good job!



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  1. bob
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 01:45:55

    very detailed fan account. thanks 4 sharing 🙂


  2. Parissa
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 12:09:47

    O MY GOD!


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    Apr 26, 2010 @ 12:11:03



  4. crystal
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 20:41:43

    Haha,the rules before the FM start, thats al i could remember too! hahaha. i thought i could help. Anyway i saw him real upclose. He’s skin was really very fair and smooth. it was during the very very last encore when he walked to the stage i was just standing beside him, i really couldnt believe my eyes! HE’S SO MUCH LOVEDDDDD!


  5. Sophie Ng
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 03:56:06


    Thanks for such a detailed account! I missed his fan meet in Singapore. I already liked him in “Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong” but I didn’t know that he was coming to S’pore. Thanks! Anyone knows when he will come Singapore or M’sia again? I hope soon!

    Dying to meet him in person for his autograph!!!!! 🙂

    Sophie 🙂


  6. marjan
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 02:48:30

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllo dear jang keun suk!
    I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you!
    I always think a bout yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!
    kiss kiss for you


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