[MAG] Translation for Audi Magazine

This one is from the Audi Magazine. (previous posted are HERE and HERE)
Translation done by daily_tofu at JKS soompi. Kamsamhamida (^^)

Q:The spring rain has come, do you have any memory with spring rain that you want to forget?
A: Once I was driving when it was raining, and I got into accident, at that time I was also injured. After that, whenever it’s raining, I would always think of the accident.
If only at that time I was driving Audi Quattro (four wheel drive)… a lot of my friends drive Quattro, whenever I look at them, I’d always feel how lucky it is to have a four wheel drive vehicle.

Q: You are receiving an interview for the Audi Magazine now..
A: But right now I don’t have an Audi, hahaha…

Q: What’s your recent taste in movie or TV?
A: Eng.. I watched Swept Away last night, there’s Madonna in it. Recently I went to the cinema and watched the Secret Reunion.

Q:Have you watched Avatar?
A: I heard that watching Avatar is better if you watch the 3D version. Even though Seoul doesn’t have a 3D cinema, but I already have appointment to go see the movie, don’t know if I can still watch it or not.

*I’m skipping all that talk about avatar movie

Q: From a very young age, you’ve been one of the most awaited talent to bloom.
A: When I was a kid, I’ve heard a lot of people telling me that I’m “the most awaited talent” (the mandarin character is期待株, which means someone whose future development is being looked forward by people) but only because.. there was only one child who made a debut at that age, which is me. “That’s right, I think I’m really “the most awaited talent” so I lived with this thought in my head. As the result, one morning I woke up and I realized, there’s a lot of competition going on, it’s just like comets emerging.
It’s not that I was losing my position, but I realized now that when I was a kid, I was really arrogant. So I was panic-stricken. The actors around my age have started their careers, and even received welcome. Now I feel it’s even more interesting, because I can have a friendly competition. Whenever I feel difficult, I have companions to talk to.

Q: You’ve been called “fashion icon”, how do you feel? It’s really flattering. It’s not something everyone can hear.
A: Previously I really paid attention to my outer appearance. I’d wear some clothing and take pictures, and then upload them, after I posted my article (message) then I’d immediately get some feedback. This kind of activity is really interesting. But I don’t know since when it started, I’m beginning to question myself.

The message that I wrote and the clothes that I’m wearing, is it really all that I can show? But of course, hearing other people praise me as a “fashion icon” I feel happy. It’s just that lately I’m paying more attention to what’s inside this “box”. Recently the words “An actor should be speaking with his work of art” I constantly keep it in my heart.

Q: Actually, whether you’re working as an actor or a singer, DJ, model, MC and so on, you really have potential. But on the contrary, wouldn’t these abilities obstruct you?
A: There were a few years when this really gave me a headache. The persons who are close with me would often tell me “you’re good in many things, and you’re very strong, but it might harm you”. I was often troubled by this. If it really happens, then who can tell the fate, don’t know what to do. I’m still young, I have to try many things. A piece of clothing which suits or does not suit me, I have to go and try. That’s how I can find out what really belongs to me, right? If I’m determined to fight in one area, I will probably give up the other areas altogether. If it’s “acting”, then it’s like what I often said “An actor should be speaking with his work of art”.

Q: Do you really have to try everything? You’re only 20 something right?
A:When I reached the come of age, I drove my car to a very nice place, ate a very nice meal. I thought just by doing that I’ve become an adult. This is wrong. My job is to meet different people, an occupation where I have to understand the human life. Recently I love to walk. I like to observe the passer by when I take a walk

If I meet someone interesting, I can even walk and follow him. I love to go to Namdaemun market by myself, eating the sliced noodle and talk endlessly with the auntie. No matter where I am, my job is to meet this and that kind of people, this is also my well-spring (source of inspiration). When I got my driving license, I bought a car, one teacher told me “why do you drive to school?” I said, because I like it, so I bought a car. He said “Don’t drive, walk to school. Wear your shoes to school” “If you wear your shoes but you drive to school, you’ll miss a lot of things. Ride the bicycle and smell the scent that you can’t smell before. All will be absorbed and retained in the body“ I felt like I was being slapped in the face.

Q: Jang Keun Suk has been described by people, it’s like the taste when you’re drinking Sprite or Coke (describing a refreshed or rejuvenated feeling). Can we use Audi S4 as a metaphor?
A: “Absolutely” refreshed haha..

Sukkie is talking about S4, skipping that.. sorry

Q: S4 is going to be launched, what is the right music for it?
A:QUEEN’s 《I was born to love you!》,it needs music that can move people.

Q: It’s very suitable for Audi. What makes you think of that song?
A: I thought about it for a while when I was on the way here, what is the red line between Jang Keun Suk and Audi. I think Audi is extreme, young and vibrant. And not pretending to be authoritative. That’s also how I imagine my future. Whenever I thought about driver driving a black car, driving an elderly me with my bulging belly, I’d feel scared. I think even when I’m old, I want to be able to drive sports car, wear a suit that fits me, and give flower to my wife who has become an old granny too and then tell her I love you, that kind of grandpa.

Q:Lately you heard so many praises, which one do you like the most?
A: it’s like this “Wa, you’re really unswerving from start to finish?” meaning: you’re consistent or you still haven’t changed. Actually these words have a very interesting story. I don’t have too many friends in school. I don’t remember when, I met a junior high school friend which I haven’t met for a very long time. He said “Wa, you still haven’t changed”. Other people when they hear these words, they’ll think that “no matter when you’re a child or right now, you still haven’t changed a bit. Not bad”. But actually when I was a kid I was not very good. I was troublesome (long-winded), and also has a sharp tounge. I asked him “why did you say I haven’t changed”, unexpectedly he said “you’re still the same like that.. no manner, poor upbringing” hahaha… Everyone can change. Compared to feeling of a famous star or the actor’s sense of distance, when I heard that I am consistent, my mood becomes better.

Credits to : Daily_tofu@soompi and sears@lovesears.blogspot


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