[CRI-J][2010-03-25]Keun Suk Message :Immediate Comparison!

Title : Immediate Comparison!

Today the picture to be shown is….

The dining table comparison of HulRang and me..
* 헐랭(HulRang) is one of his manager

Because of diet menu planning started from today at last

I’m eating sea mustard soup of sea mustard + water + garlic + perilla oil (as small as bean) without seasoning and salt.
* 미역 : sea mustard (in Korea we usually eat this seaweed soup. It is said that this seaweed helps to clean our blood.)

**abstract: He complained about his manager**

I’ll fight and beat my enemy-like manager..

The key of Actor Jang’s diet menu

Never ever absorb the food with sodium or natrium.

Never ever skip a meal and eat the food of tasteless.
(맡습니다 : it’s actually “smell” but, I think he miss-typed it instead of 먹습니다. ㅠㅠ)

In addition, at the time of eating out I’m the one in trouble, so preparing a lunch box.

High-protein food ingredient is the main key! (without seasoning , eating tastelessly)

Impossible to drink liquor and soda.

Regular eating habits if possible.

And not-missing and regulated XX practice

HoHoHo What is XX?? Are U anxious to know it?

I don’t wanna let you know Cri? HoHoHoHoHoh

For a while don’t give me snack time!

Today no comments neither!

I have to order my wig to wear for tomorrow’s BaekSang awards. WooHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Big laugh sound)

Thanks to Muse for the transaltion however this is not the full translation.
Please take out with full credit.


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