[MSG][2010-03-23]KeunSuk Message : Yay~ Congratulations of 100th day Cri!

Title: Yay~ Congratulations of 100th day Cri!
Everybody hi~cri~
Here is TreeJ office, the present time is 10:58pm..

Actor Jang who wanna spread myself out toward Asia and his staffs are ready to go home while just finishing the meeting and dinner!

By the way!
Today is 100th day of the official homepage!!!!!

Congratulation~!~!~!CriCir~!~! Somebody sent some snacks to my office!
Actually so much thank you all Jangers who stayed strongly despite all the chaos~! And
I”m living so happily and pleasantly, no matter how big or small it is, “cause of all Jangers Cri!
Therefore today I inform you the up-to-date News of Jang Keun-suk for 100th day Celebration!
Are U curious about future Actor Jang?

In near future a good news will show up to stimulate your eyes and ears you every school of Jangers!
Until then I”ll never tell ya! Next to me, Kim Byung-Gun is making a gesture no no ㅋ

And Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made a contract of my dreaming SUV!!!!
Thanks to Jangers such a fervent support, finally today!! Made a contract of SUV! WowCri!
 But it will take about a month to get my car after the contract, after getting the car I”m gonna give you a lot of bait.
To tell the truth asked so many questions about since when fishing and mount biking are my hobby..
I mean…Umm..Sort of..what.. So
They will become my hobby in future!!!(Ah I donnow)
Just need my SUV to feel the breast of Mother Nature!k
All the way to make a contract, I couldn”t avoid my mother”s nagging,
but while contracting she was so cool to make it, I admire her,
and infinitely ThankCri to all school of Jangers following me with all trust!
KuHell.. (onomatopoeia)

So until now that”s it.
The bigger bait will appear some time later, anticipate~

The last photo is what I cooked , Pas-U-Ta(Pasta) and Cream mushroom salad to celebrate 100th day anniversary, “cause I”m a man who cooks..
School of Jangers~ Eating my bait and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!


psycho_j [2010-03-23 pm 11:22:58]  
 Today no comments! Leaving work! @

Thanks and credit to Muse from Cri-J to translated it to english.=)


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