[CRI-J][100315] Keun Suk’s Message

Keunie posted 2 messages today. Below is Muse english translation for the first message he posted which includes a group photo. Must be taken from Hongki’s Bday celebration. The second message is a very short one and it has something to do with the font color used in his official site. He instructed not to use red font (size 4 in bold) in writing comments coz he will be using it… making it a lot easier to read his reply.

Title : I got your helps.. so.. here is the bait…

Kya-wool (onomatopoeia)

All full school of 장어s who are heavy breathing ’cause I didn’t give U some Whiteday Bait~~

Therefore today I came here this early to repay your kindness!!!!

Your earnest comments will be printed by HulRangEee (Manager Ssong) Nim.

Cutting off all the bad comments.. Que-Que (onomatopoeia : little bit wicked laugh sound)

Soon the comments and my pay-check(as little as a mouse tail..// liberal translate-> very mere) with a vehicle catalog will be given 2 my mother wrapped with love and care..

Whatever… I’ll give U the detailed story sometime later.

So to say… today..

Entering with a Huge Bait.

So-called… Lee Honggi’s birthday party!!! (for reference present time is 6am.. I just arrived.)
(Lee Honggi is the singer of FT-Island, and was Zermi in “You’re Handsome” drama.
Honggi, HeeChul and Keunsuk are very close as thik as thieves..)

Couldn’t care for his birthday because of Yellow-hair’s lasted Asia Tour..
We bros celebrated it together Cri.
(Yellow-hair = Honggi, he dyed his hair blonde..)

You know what, flock of men, cozy and exciting and happy… thing….. as far as here.

For a comment, I gave him a bag for his present.

I bought him it to carry a lot of luggages for Asia Tour..
But with his today”s entry.. the Asia tour was over… Hul.

Then packing my luggage into that bag, travelling around with my suv~~ HuHoot(onomatopoeia)

We all went the drink thing..(Yellow-hair was little-bit tung-twisted)

Cheerfully laughed, chatted and arrived.(I heard the Chinese version of “여전히(Still)”)
(“여전히” is the song title of “미남이시네요”)

My first time to see some bros.. But the conclusion of the story was that we are extremely lonely but happy men..

But for me.. I’ve got You a school-full of 장어s…

Anyway, living a very different lives in a busy time, Thank Cri for the time to tune in to congenial friends together and share with the deep inside..

And ThankYou cri bro.. unfamiliar with taking a photo..

A school of 장어s.. I”m really happy……………….. supposing I have a suv^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

PS: U know what.. If U are sober after drinking, U can’t sleep, right?
Comment-Play~ go-go-ssing


He made some comments after his post and I am still waiting for the translation to come out. Just to make everyone jealous, some fans chatted with him… take note in ENGLISH. huhuhu…. so envious.

Here’s their conversation:

>>good morning

(name omitted) Hi cri~~~i am a boy~~

>>haha~so cute!I know you are boy,I am girl,cri~~~

where u from??

>>Taiwan,I have go to 3/7 FM,have a good time!!really happy!!!thanks~^^

thank you cri~^^
>>~Keun Suk sama~Hello~

hi cri~~nice to see u.^^
>>hey!! morning~~ so happy that see u typed in chinese!! we love u too
ooo!!!! cri~~~

(name omitted) nice to see u cri~~~
>>did u know the DJ Paul Van Dyk??

i know DJ Paul van dyk.his music is ma favorite!>
i know DJ Paul van dyk.his music is ma favorite!>”>


credits to : Muse + sears @ lovesears.blogspot


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