[INFO] White Day

In a recent poll on monkey3, the website asked, “Who do you want to get a candy kiss from on White Day?” White Day is a romantic holiday in Korea where the guy gives his girlfriend presents such as candy, etc.

The candy kiss is referring to the infamous kiss that Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee shared on IRIS where he passed a piece of candy with his mouth to her mouth.

Our world star Rain won 40% of the votes and came in 1st place. More than 1,000 people voted for this perfect man. Netizens reasoned, “He seems like a good kisser,” “His kiss scenes are just as good as Lee Byung Hun’s,” and “Thinking about Rain giving me a candy kiss makes my heart flutter.”

Second place went to TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun with 2PM’s Nichkhun and actor Jang Geun Suk tied in 3rd place. 4th place went to Big Bang’s G-Dragon with SHINee’s Minho rounding up the top 5. Who would you want to get a candy kiss from?
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REPOST-ed by MZ-HYUNKI @ Jang Keun Suk International forum


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