[CRI-J][20100305] KeunSuk’s Message

SORRY!!! For taking out the full translation of Sukkie’s latest messages. Permission not granted by the translator, I’ll be posting her summary instead.

Here are sukkie’s messages posted hours ago. Translated by Muse@JKS OFC from korean – English.

Please do not repost without proper credit.


Message 1:
Title : 굴부추전 (Oyster leek jeon)
(전 = Korean thin pancake with some sliced vegatables)

He wrote that he was so much busy to prepare this and that..
but a few days ago he ate 굴부추전 cooked by his mother, and it was so much delicious…
And he feels so nervous and quivering because of FM..
And then he wrote a reply that he was waiting for 간짜장..
He said that he ate only 간짜장 not just 짜장면.. ^^

And He wrote he will depart Korea tomorrow…

(짜장면 : Chinese black noodle.. U can taste it at Chinese Restautant in Korea.)
(간 짜장 : It’s a kind of 짜장, but 짜장 is already cooked and served , but 간짜장 is cooked right after the order made. 간짜장 is expensive than 짜장면.. ^^)

Message 2:
Title : 떡밥 (Paste bait)
(why 떡밥? : Because we are his eels, we need his paste bait.. ^^ that’s why..)
He showed us his dancing practise for Taiwan FM..
(It was too short.. about 17 second or so?)
But the movie was delet*ed in 5 minutes..

Message 3:
Title : 으컁컁 (Ue-Kyang-Kyang)
(This is just an onomatopoeia. Just feel so cute and little bit wicked ^^)

He saw an advertising picture of 미남이시네요(you”re beautiful drama), when he got off a subway in Japan! (He was very proud of himself!!)
But nobody recognized him.. so he was little bit dissappointed.. ^^ (so cute~)

(The followings are his real-time replies.. the bolded lines..)

Today, Homepage will be migrated to another server cri~!~!~!~!~!
Oops.. I spilt 짜장 on my pants….
(Actually he ordered three 간짜장 but they didn”t deliver any extra군만두, so he complained that.. He thought that is because they ordered to a new restaurant, not the one they usually order.. ^^ He was so so cute~~)

(In Korea, when we order to deliver three or more dishes from Chinese Restaurant, usually they service extra-군만두.)
(군만두 : Fried Mandu)
(만두 : a bun stuffed with seasoned meat and vegetables)

To tell the truth.. I’m already in Taiwan..
Ah Just a kidding ㅋㅋㅋ (giggle giggle)
(He just lied about where he is.. ^^ It was just a joke..)

and after that he wrote a lot of replies about what he should buy for Mr. Gun’s birthday gift..
(Mr. Gun is his manager with very short hair, in Korean we call him 건사마/Gun-sa-ma)

Mr. Gun loves guns, sword thing..
and he has one gun given by Mr.Gun.
(They shoot 헐랭이 just for fun, but he cried a few times.. pitifull…ㅠㅠ)

(헐 랭이 : HulRangEe is his road manager looks like little bit slim and without tension, that’s why he is called 헐랭이 by Suk. but actually he doesn’t like to be called like that..)

He wrote some other choices for present..
but he didn’t decide..

Anyway I have to agonize…. before tomorrow… Ahh… Headache.. First I have to go back to work.. ByeCri!

And today server will be migrated, so let’s wait for it~ Eels ByeCri~!~!~!~!


Credit to : Muse@JKS OFC & sears@lovesears.blogspot


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