[CRI-J][20100213] Keun Suk Message : Huh-huh

Title: Huh-huh

I don`t normally show around my gifts received from u guys

Yet.. I decided to show you this as u guys wanted it soooooo much~~

My Jang-eos!

This is Fan-Spanking-Tastic Cri!!!

I`d like show you the inside of the fridge as well but.. I won`t…

Olé~!Thank you Cri-J!

<Jang`s Comments>

[2010-02-13 am 3:04:00]

I`m gonna take this part-time job with VJ Commando* ke ke ke ke

* VJ Commando: One of Korean current affairs Programs – I guess he just made a joke.. he seems to have wanted to show us how much he was excited about this gift then. )

[2010-02-13 am 3:06:00]

Actually.. the camera was already fully assembled and I just got rid of the LCD layer from it. ㅡㅡ

[2010-02-13 am 3:06:00]

My bro Hung-ro* went back his hometown and I will not be able to tease him tomorrow.. I`m gonna explore the camera more.. Byeeeee Cri!!!!

* Mr Hung-ro: I guess he is one of Jang`s close managers


[uploaded on 13 Feb (approx 3.18am)

Credit: KS-holic @ Cri-J


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