[CRI-J][20100213] Keun Suk Message : Ah it`s fan-spanking-tastic!!!

Title: Ah  it`s fan-spanking-tastic!!!

Ah.. it`s fascinating!!!

Jolly fascinating!!!

Ah~!~!~!~! Jo-ah(I like it) Jo-ah Jo-ah~!~!~!~!

Ah~~ I`d like to go out for filming!!!!

Hurray Cri !!

<Jang`s Comments>

[2010-02-13 am 2:33:00]

I`ve got this Camera as a gift from u guys!!!!!!!! I`m gonna enjoy taking filming & editing classes with this brand new spanking camera..

Fan-freakin-tastic! Yippee!!!!!

[2010-02-13 am 2:38:00]


[2010-02-13 am 2:41:00]

tee-hee teehee teehee (btw) Kimchi* was salty ㅠ_ㅠ

* Kimchi(fermented cabbage with hot pepper, salt, garlic, etc etc) is one of the staple Korean traditional side dishes

[2010-02-13 am 2:44:00]

One of you eels sent me this Kimchi but it was a bit salty ㅠ..

I`m in the middle of assembling the camera…

[2010-02-13 am 2:46:00]

I`ve put the organic ogaphi* extracted water in the fridge

heehaw heehaw..

* Ogaphi is the peel part of O-gal-phi tree (well known for detoxification & anticancer function)

[2010-02-13 am 2:49:00]

U know this camera.. it`s different from normal digital cameras..

There`re much more complicated functions beyond just taking a shot..


[2010-02-13 am 2:53:00]

Waaaiiiitttt aaa seeec ㅡㅡ

[2010-02-13 am 2:54:00]

ka… ka(tee-hee)…. I like Jang-eo(eel)s………


[uploaded on 13 Feb (approx 3am)

Credit: KS-holic @ Cri-J


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