[CRI-J][20100218] Keun Suk Message : Hand!

Title: Hand! (Imagine someone training a doggie and asking for the paw. He’s using this expression)

Is there anyone still online? Now its 5.12 AM…

Nobody right?

I’m now listening to Mr.Kim’s song, “Portrait Days”, its very nice cri~~

Noonas and ahjummas who listens to 90s’ music~~

Please share with me~~Cri~~!

This is a lonely but brilliant new year~!!

<Jang’s comments>

[2010-02-18 am 5:15:00]

Eh? Really theres nobody online at all?

[2010-02-18 am 5:15:00]


[2010-02-18 am  5:15:00]

Oh~!!There’s somebody~!!!

[2010-02-18 am 5:16:00]

Any more nice songs~~~?

[2010-02-18 am 5:17:00]

Kim Geun Mo ssi’s songs in the past were very nice~

[2010-02-18 am 5:18:00]

Can’t sleep…Listening to music…Let me tell you,I didn’t drink tonight

[2010-02-18 am 5:20:00]

Now I’m listening to “Beautiful Farewell”

[2010-02-18 am 5:21:00]

The one that released an album? (Discussing with Eels about singers)

[2010-02-18 am  5:22:00]

I know a little bit about machinery, but I really don’t know much about computers…

[2010-02-18 am 5:22:00]

I’m listening to music in a daze, Cri~~~

[2010-02-18 am 5:24:00]

Oh…This is also nice cri~~ (Song name:Why Are You Like This To Me)

[2010-02-18 am 5:26:00]

Jeong Ye’s songs..So sad

[2010-02-18 am 5:29:00]

Hehehe,anyone knows the song “Inituition” from crystal boys? Any more songs of this type?

[2010-02-18 am 5:30:00]


Hi (Said hi to an international fan!)

[2010-02-18 am 5:32:00]

Kekeke,the cosplay ahjumma has come,kekeke (Sukkie saw a fan he recognised)

[2010-02-18 am 5:34:00]

Erm…Don’t discuss things like tights(briefs),I’m asking for nice songs~~cri~~

[2010-02-18 am 5:35:00]

But i like songs from can groups..Is it not suitable with my image??Girls don’t seem to have the same sentiment…

[2010-02-18 am 5:38:00]

OO,now putting the CD in..Now is this Kim Kwon Hyo sunbae’s voice? Kim Kwon Jin? Who is it? (Sukkie getting confused,not knowing the name of the singer)

[2010-02-18 am 5:39:00]

Whose song was that just now??Tell me, fast…

[2010-02-18 am 5:41:00]

“Kolago”..What song is this?(Note:Kolago seems to be the name of a japanese girl, but Sukkie who cannot understand the romanized japanese mistook it for the name of a song)

[2010-02-18 am 5:45:00]

Everybody go and listen to “I Am Happy” by Li So Ra~I just want to listen to it with all of you..

[2010-02-18 am 5:48:00]

Ah..This song..So sad..

[2010-02-18 am 5:51:00]

Everyone,go listen to “Feeling..Like The First Time”..Kekekekeke

[2010-02-18 am 5:59:00]

Actually somebody did suggest that I go back to being a DJ…Really thankful..I hope to wait until I’m older,until I can express my views on certain things more freely, and able to give better opinions before becoming a DJ again…

[2010-02-18 am 6:01:00]

Yup, I went out for coffee tonight..Parked my car at the coffee house and came back by Keun sama (Manager Kim)’s car..Its snowing heavily..

[2010-02-18 am 6:02:00]

Hehehhe, MNET is now airing a program called “Wake Up”, really makes people feel pained..

[2010-02-18 am 6:05:00]

Be it Starbucks or hand ground coffee, to me its okay. The interesting thins is,compared to when drinking with others, i prefer the wine itself. Compared to the fragrance of the coffee, i prefer the atmosphere when drinking coffee with others cri~~

[2010-02-18 am 6:07:00]

Let’s eat breadfast waiting for bread

[2010-02-18 am 6:10:00]

I haven’t had breakfast cri~~My parents are still sleeping~

[2010-02-18 am 6:24:00]

Eels/Jang eos~~Now have to stop chatting~~Its snowing more and more cri~~~Today really THANK YOU cri~~~I will keep all of the songs you recommended into my mp3~~Bye cri~~


Credit: VeeVeeBO @ Soompi


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