[CRI-J][20100223] Keun Suk Message

Approximately let at 9:04 pm

Title: 다녀왔음

I`m back..

I`m back from my short trip..

As the trip was arranged all of a sudden, I wasn`t able to inform you about it.. -_-  My eels.. Sorry Cri~~

Btw, have u ever heard of Bon Jovi`s “all about lovin you“ or seen its Music Video?

I`ve seen the video while staying in Japan by chance, and it still remains in my ears..

Just wanted to listen to the song with u my eels.. ^^

I`m going out to explore my camera further & therefore, there is not gonna be any reply relay game tonite~

Dak-chan(KS jargon: Shut-up & Praise) & Geoyk-hwan(KS jargon: welcome fiercely) ur Master(Keunsuk`s another nickname)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cri!!!!!!!!


Credit : KS-holic @ Cri-J Thank you so much…^^ Muackks~


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