[NEWS] ELLE: Fall in his story, Jang Keun Suk

Original interview taken from Elle Korea at: http://www.elle.co.kr/elle/elleweb_templat…p;menuId=M00047

Translated from the chinese translation done by JKS China Official FC (http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=717677964)

Actor Jang Keun Suk, melted the hearts of his fans

Eels are the source of my strength
3000 of them.
I’m really very astonished. I think I have turned into an idol. Last year we held a simple but fun party with 300 fans. Whether it’s then or now, I’m really thankful that the fans gave me their unselfish love. I’m working hard to show good acting skills, but I feel I’m still at an age where I can show many other things and have unlimited potential for changes. Very confident? I still hope to interact with even more fans next year! I am an ambitious person. Next year I hope there will be 30,000 fans (laugh)? Oh yes, and today, Big Bang also had a concert at the same venue, (laugh). I’m really thankful to the 3,000 Eels who attended JKS’s Chaos FM.

It’s my dream stage
When I was a newbie, Son Ho Yeun (?) hyung from the same company had a concert at the Olympic stadium. I’ve always thought of standing at the same stage. It happened faster than I thought. I was rehearsing at the company the day before the FM until late at night, before I went to the Olympic stadium. I looked at the stage, said to myself “If i focus on all my passion during the rehearsals” and prayed. Iit’s really fortunate the FM ended very successfully. My throat isn’t feeling too good today, but (the success is) all thanks to the fans’ fantastic response.

Or a playboy?
Of course I like gals.
But I’m not a playboy. I’m the kind who will be very faithful to my girlfriend. Do you believe that my mobile only has the phone numberes of 4 female artistes? Park Shin Hye, Sung Yu Ri, Che Yi Ryun (?)…. and there’s 1 more I can’t say. But it’s not Ho Chi Won noona like what everyone thinks because she has changed her phone number.

Guy wearing make-up
I wore guyliner to fit the image of Hwang Taekyung in You’re Beautiful. I’m not like that usually, except when i go clubbing (laugh). Actually there’s once when my friends and I were holidaying in Japan. We wanted to do something different so we drew guyliner and went to town. Thinking back, it’s quite funny. Everyone asks me what brand I use. I frequently use M company’s waterproof eyeliner. Hint: The brand is made up of one word (*File picture shows MAC).

I can still remember the first scene in YAB where TaeKyung was talking to Manager Ma. But my most unforgettable scene is where Eun Ho died in Hwang Jini. You want me to act out the scene again with the same feelings then? (Acting seriously) “Although my life is shorter than others, but I’m not resentful. I have known you, spent lovely times with you. I have such beautiful memories, so how could I feel wronged? I don’t at all. But, regret. I have regret engraved to my bones, as I couldn’t’ love you more. The trap that the world has laid for us, I regret that I couldn’t dismantle it myself.” Although the lines are quite mushy, but even as I hear them now I can’t help but feel pity.

Real-life Hwang TaeKyung
TaeKyung and I are quite alike. As I delved into the drama series I also immersed myself in the character. Outside filming I’m also similar to TaeKyung in some ways. For example we are both very resolute when it comes to settling things. If things are not settled at that moment, then one day it will never be resolved.

Dinner show 10 years later?
That would be great! Because I don’t have the space to interact with fans, I always feel very thirsty. I re-opened my mini homepage even though there’s some risk and burden (laugh). So I set up my official homepage, where I can write to my fans and upload photos. I feel very happy to be able to communicate all I want with the people who supported me. Following this, we prepared the FM. If there’s still a chance, I still want to prepare another show for the fans next year. In addition, I hope that my Asia FM tour which will be starting soon will also be a success.

also credit to ployinkypink at soompi

Chinese translation:

真的很吃惊。我好像成了偶像。去年和300名粉丝们一起愉快举办了简单的派对。不管是那时候还是现在,感谢粉丝们给予了毫不吝啬的厚爱。为了展示优秀的演技正在努力。仍觉得处在展示的东西还有很多,有无限的变身可能的年龄。非常有自信?即使那样明年还想和更多的粉丝们交流。我是充满野心的人。明年预想大概有三万名(笑)?对了,还有今天,同一个地点,BIG BANG也开了演唱会(笑)。感谢一起参加《张根硕之乱》的三千名鳗鱼们。




还残留着刚开始播放时《原来是美男》黄泰京和马室长的对话的记忆,但是无论如何还是最难忘记《黄真伊》的恩浩公司去世的场景。以那时的感情再来一次?“(认真的演技中)虽然我的人生比别人短暂,但我不会怨恨。能见到你,相亲相爱的时光,拥有着那段美好的记忆的我 怎么会觉得冤枉呢?一点都没有, 但是,后悔 铭刻在骨髓的后悔还是有,没能更爱着您,世界给我们设的圈套,没能亲手收起来,非常后悔。”虽然有点难为情,但现在听了依然会心生怜悯。




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